It can be overwhelming to find the best Yoga Mat for your own practice. This is why I put together a list* of Yoga Mats, Blocks, Straps, etc... that I would recommend for various budgets. 


I understand that budgets can be tight these days. Read on to find what props you can substitute for free with things you might already have at home! 

Yoga Mat

  • affordable: cheapest, yet not falling apart immediately ($25)
  • sustainable: average price & ecological ($25)
  • best quality: long lasting + better cushion for sensitive knees or backs ($37)
  • most practicalfoldable travel mat, best for transportation & light weight ($37)

Quality mat - yes or no? 

Cheaper mats tend to have a lower quality and therefore may not last a long time, thus costing you more in the long run. 

This is what happened to my $7 mat after using it for barely 3 months: 

Yoga Block

Yoga Strap

Yoga Blankets

Best Yoga Setup

Ideally (it's ok to have a mat only) you will need a

  • Yoga Mat
  • 2 Blocks
  • 1-2 Blankets
  • 1 Strap

Here are some free alternatives that you might already have at home.


Instead of

Blocks - Pile of Books

Blankets - Towels

Strap - Belt or Scarf

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