Discover "Yoga Harmony: Embrace Your Cycle" - an empowering online course series designed to tailor a yoga practice to the natural phases of your menstrual cycle.

  • Get Daily Yoga Workout Videos for each phase of your cycle
  • Learn about the needs of your body throughout the menstrual phases
  • Discover tools to understand which phase your body is in¬†
  • Support your body to regulate your cycle, manage pain and support your reproductive¬†health¬†



In this series of Yoga Workouts, we acknowledge that each phase of your menstrual cycle requires unique attention and care. With this in mind, I have curated a collection of daily video sessions, crafted to support you through every stage of your cycle.


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Phase 1



In this phase our goal is to clean out the layers of the endometrium and support shedding during menstruation. The gentle sequences and yoga poses help support: 

  • Pain relief and reduced tension
  • Downward flow of the blood
  • Reduce bloating and promote overall relaxation
  • Self-compassion and restoring energy levels
  • Improve and prevent stagnation of the blood

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Phase 2



As the cycle transitions into the follicular phase, the practice will shift to embrace renewal and growth. This supports the body rebuilding the endometrium and growth of the follicles in the ovaries. 

  • Energizing &¬†empowering poses ¬†to sync with the body's natural surge of hormones
  • Nurturing practice to support build and growth of the endometrium
  • Exploring introspection to support nourishment, mindfulness and energy levels

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Phase 3



The ovulation phase will be an exploration of strength and flexibility. Although ovulation is a quick event, we will support the phase with a practice that supports movement as well as stabilisation: 

  • Use the rise¬†of progesterone during ovulation to redefine your capabilities
  • Build muscular strength and confidence to maintain control physically &¬†mentally.
  • Feel encouraged to embrace your¬†inner power &¬†express yourself¬†through dynamic sequences
  • Practice pose to enhance self-confidence and inner radiance.

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Phase 4



The luteal phase, notorious for mood fluctuations, will be met with a grounding and calming practice.

  • Explore your edge as you balance discomfort with comfort
  • Learn to work with¬†soothing postures, deep breathing techniques and meditation
  • Cultivate emotional stability and ease premenstrual symptoms
  • Prepare your mind for the drop in hormones that initiates menstruation

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Bonus Content 



In addition to daily workout videos, find a series of educational videos, meditations and other bonus content to connect with your body and the reproductive processes supporting your female health. 

  • Receive Bonus Videos to learn reading your body and the phases you are in
  • Additional meditation videos to support planned birth and pregnancy
  • Understand your body and cycle, to feel empowered to develop a deeper connection with your¬†innate rhythms.


Nadine Brandl Assistant Trainer of the 200-hour yoga teacher training by yoga alliance in Las Vegas in 2023

Nadine Brandl, is a RYT 500 with a specialisation in Yoga for Female health. She is a former Olympic synchronized swimmer and Cirque du Soleil performer. Her background as elite athlete and performer have given her the practical experience of how the body and mind perform under daily pressure and extreme situations.


After completing her yoga teacher training with YogaWorks, Nadine has worked since as an apprentice in drug & rehab center, been the on-stie yoga teacher for psychotherapeutical retreats and teaches individual and group classes locally in Las Vegas as well as in Vienna.


She has been a host on the Austrian national broadcast channel's yoga magazine. 


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