What happens underwater, stays und-... wait no... lands on YouTube. 

My career as an athlete began at the age of 6 years, when I joined a gymnastic club in Belgium, where we used to live at that time. In 2001 our family moved back to Vienna. My grandmother - chairman of the viennese swimming club at that time - took me to the pool when I was 11 years old... and I haven't left ever since.


At 13 years I joined the sports boarding school & high performance center in the south of Vienna. The year I graduated and only 7 years into the sport, I qualified for my first Olympic Games in Beijing 2008. Being only 18 years old I was one of the three youngest athletes in synchronized swimming at the Beijing Olympics. 


I participated in my second Olympic Games in London 2012 and a total of 5 World- & European Championships until I decided to retire from my career as an athlete in 2015.


The following 9 months I kept training on my own, challenging myself with springboard diving and aerial silk to stay in shape for the next big goal: Being a performer in Las Vegas. 


I got an invitation to the audition in London in May 2016, from where I flew to China & Dubai, performing gigs to open the new pool of the Burj Al Arab and the launch of the new BMW. Barely 10 days after the audition & still traveling the world, I got the call from Le Rêve: they offered me a contract to join the cast!


Almost 5 years and a pandemic later, Le Rêve doesn't exist anymore. The first months were hard, but once entertainment opened up a little bit, I got to make my first steps in Hollywood before joining the cast of the amazing Cirque Du Soleil show "O", which performs at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. 

Top Results


► Olympic Games Beijing 2008 & London 2012

► 13th Place at the World Championships

► 6th Place at European Championships

► 10th at the World Cup 

► 4th at the European Cup

► 10th at Junior World Championships

► 7th at Junior European Championships

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