I'm glad you've found my little online presence. Though you've might landed here by accident... and you're not quite sure what to find here, so let me help you out with a little introduction. But maybe you actually do know me from my past career as an

Olympic Athlete Nadine Brandl Synchronized Swimming Artistic Swimming

Phew, those Olympic days were quite an experience and you might want to dive deeper in those good old times. "Did she say PAST career?" Yep, you read that right - I moved on to another dream of mine & let's say quite literally, because currently I' m a

Performer Nadine Brandl for Le Rêve The Dream

in a show called 'Le Rêve - The Dream' in the middle of... wait for it... Las Vegas!  Crazy, right? It still baffles me some days. But maybe you know all this already and came here because you'd like to check out some of my pictures as a

for some great underwater photographers? No, that isn't it? Ok maybe you're looking for something else that I can help you with... are you about to plan an event and need some help with leaving your guests in awe? Say no more, my friend - I've got you covered. I have a good amount of experience as a

for events in prestigious hotels, TV-advertisements and even worked on film projects. There's no pool in the venue? Don't worry about it - you might have heard that Vegas is the capital of entertainment & trust me when I tell you that my friends are some of the most talented performers in the WORLD. Wait, you're not planning an event? Sorry, I got a little too excited. Oh but it's the project SELF you're working on? As a

 I love to pass on my passion for water and an active lifestyle - but I get it, if water isn't really your thing,. We can talk about methods on the dry land to keep you fit or get you to that shape you want to. All that, while keeping safe what's most important: your body. See for yourself in one of my Yoga-Sessions


Alright, my friend... I won't keep you any longer from exploring different categories.

I hope you'll enjoy and have fun, 


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