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You don't have to be an aspiring Olympian - but WHY work with me?

The short answer is: To level up your body and mind. 


But whether who you are is a leader, a mother, an employee or simply a human (like we all are), Yoga works on your body and mind and helps you: 

  • reach a state of inner calm and balance
  • engage mindfully with yourself and others
  • improves strength, flexibility and your health

Over the years of being captain of the National Team, an artist in Cirque du Soleil whilst studying my MBA I learned a lot about the necessity of a healthy body and strong mindset to perform under pressure. 


Excellence requires us to perform extraordinarily. Yoga helps you to be more successful, while at the same time being gentle towards yourself. 



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How does working with me help YOU?


Did you know that studies have shown that  a consistent yoga practice significantly improves performances of leaders, employees and organisations?


Whether you book me to enhance your 

  • Company Events
  • Yoga & Keynote Speaking
  • Private Yoga Classes for Leadership
  • or a Regular Class for your company tailored to your employees needs


Yoga will help you to improve your quality of life in many areas. 


The physical aspect of yoga helps you improve the health and fitness of your body. But the physical yoga practice also supports the improvement of the mind, helping you to center your thoughts, improve your focus and teaches you to be mindful with your thoughts and actions. 


Overall, you'll find yourself improve on:

  • Fitness
  • Quality of Sleep 
  • Perceived Stress Level
  • Mental Health & Well-Being
  • Reduces Pain & Injuries
  • Focus & Performance

Book a free consultation and learn how yoga can be tailored to fit your needs:



In what ways can I work with you?
  • Yoga for Your Company: We create a lesson plan that balances the tasks of your employees to improve well-being and performance
  • Yoga for Leaders: Improve your fitness, inner calm and decision making in weekly private yoga sessions
  • Yoga for Events: Whether it's a convention or company event - book a group yoga session to show your guests how taking time to work on themselves can enhance their quality of life
  • Keynote Speach: The journey to a 2x Olympic Athlete and Cirque du Soleil performer is by far not an easy one. Let me inspire your guests to peak performances whilst balancing health and pressure by sharing my story. 



What does a collaboration with a company look like?
  • Step 1 Analyze Work Activities and Set Goals: In a first assessment we take a look at employee's work related movement patterns (e.g. office work, lifting, one sided activities) to understand physical impact
  • Step 2 Create lesson plan and set schedule: Based on the work tasks and the timeline, I am creating a lesson plan and a weekly schedule.
  • Step 3: Conduct classes and feedback session.



How much time do I have to invest?

The time and amount of sessions can be tailored to your schedule. My recommendation would be to start with a sessions once per week for about 30-60min. 



I've never done yoga - is it still a fit for me?

The beauty of yoga is, that it is for everyone. No matter if you are an experienced athlte or new to staying in shape. Yoga meets you at your level - and we start from where you currently are.  



Why should I trust you?

The years I spent training on an Olympic level and then moving on to the world's most demanding physical entertainment have given me the best possible insight of what the body is capable of and what role the mind plays to achieve success. When you are a high performance athlete there's no time and too much risk to work out the wrong way - Quality is key, not just for professional athletes, but for everyone who wants to treat their body the right way!  



What's different to other yoga teachers?

In my classes I set a high focus on proper anatomical alignment. What good is putting yourself into a pose that looks good, if you can't move for the following days or get injured? Learning how to move your body the right way benefits not just the practice itself, but you'll learn so much about yourself, it will help you improve your everyday life.  


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