All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. At the end of our lives you won't look back and wish you would have sent one more e-mail, had a clean kitchen that one time friends came over or been at work for five more days. Instead, we look back at the memories that left a mark and made us grow.


One opportunity to work on your personal development while creating a lasting experience is to join a yoga retreat that is paired with adventure. 




Whether the adventures are pumping the adrenaline through your veins and make you feel most alive, or allowing you slow down and consciously admire how beautiful this world is - there are many ways to raise our awareness of this precious gift we are given, which is called: LIFE.  

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Although adventure makes every breath a little richer and our minds a little sharper, it might only be for the time being. But I want to go one step further. Because at the end of the trip we return home again - but I want you to come back and take the growth you experienced into your daily life


With yoga I give you the tools to become conscious of what you are experiencing in the now, and also to become aware of what you have been dragging with you and is maybe time to reevaluate. After all, happiness is not the absence of problems. It's the ability to deal with them. And that is what I want you to take away from a retreat with me. 

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In the past I have accompanied groups to a free diving trip in the caves in the most beautiful Mexican Cenotes, shark diving without cage in the Bahamas and explored islands & cities. 


Every trip is different, but is made of two components: 

  • Yoga: the physical and mental part
  • Adventure: from mellow to adrenaline


Additionally to the physical yoga practice, meditation and journaling are part of the schedule as well. This allows for the personal growth I am looking to challenge within you and it gives you time to learn and experience self-care on out trips. 



Hi ☺️! If we haven't met yet, my name is Nadine. I'm a 2x Olympic Athlete and Cirque Du Soleil performer turned Yoga Teacher. As a young high performance athlete I had to learn some lessons through my days of 10-hour daily trainings in the pool and delivering a peak performance on day X. With yoga I am now able to take these lessons and help EMPOWER YOU on how to use your body wisely, sharpen your mind and develop self-esteem and self-love. 


If joining my next adventure and taking a big step in getting to know yourself better is something you would enjoy, leave your e-mail address below & be the first to know when the next retreat is planned! 


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