With Yoga online there are different options to make it best for you. Be part from the very beginning, as I start growing a library of videos & weekly challenges on my YouTube channel. For free online yoga classes whenever it best fits your schedule.  


If you prefer however a community feeling from the safe place of your home & the eye of a teacher to help you align your movements in a way that keeps you safe and healthy while working out, I am happy to invite you to my Zoom Yoga classes. 


Free Online Yoga Classes - YouTube

Join or subscribe on my YouTube Channel & find Yoga online classes for free. Whether you're a beginner or advanced practitioner, there are classes for all levels. 


For the best online Yoga experience you might want to have some props at home (click here for prop list) like a Yoga mat or Yoga blocks. But no worries if you don't - some Yoga lessons, the workouts and the meditation are prop free.   


Happy practicing! 


Live Online Yoga Classes - Zoom

Book an appointment with Yoga with Nadine

You prefer taking Yoga as a class & it would be best if it's a Yoga class "near me"?

How about we move the yoga classes online to a platform called Zoom - so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home or location of your choice. 


I currently teach yoga classes for beginners or advanced students on the following days (starting October 2020): 


  • Tuesday 10:30am (PST) - Yoga Level 2
  • Tuesday 5.45pm (PST) - Yoga Level 1
  • Thursday 8:30am (PST) / 18:30 (MEZ) - Yoga Level 1/2 (German) 

(click here for prop list)  

Book an appointment with Yoga with Nadine