DON'T make these 4 embarrassing mistakes when watching a show in Las Vegas


You know it from movies or even experienced it yourself: If you walk on stage, the spotlight is bright & the audience vanishes in the dark. A reason for many spectators to feel unobserved in the theater, shows or concerts. Maybe they feel a little too much unobserved: Because in fact performer DO see you. Here are 4 mistakes I saw myself, that YOU shouldn’t do when watching a performance:

We can see you don't make these 4 mistakes when wathcing a show in Las Vegas
Dear audience, we can see you too!

1. Being late

Yes, everybody looks towards the stage. But no matter how dark it is in the theater – while everybody is sitting, we do notice when there are some silhouettes moving in between the rows. This is especially annoying, since you as a spectator already missed the first impressive cues and at the same time you block the view for everyone behind you. A no-go we performers don’t like, and even more if we have our own guests watching the show.

Spectators in the audience coming late to a show silhouettes shadow theater spectacle

2. Falling asleep

Maybe you had a long day or the show simply isn’t your taste. Sometimes also jet lag kicks in. But no matter how deep you sink into the soft chairs of the theater – we can see you (even more in the front rows). And we won’t hesitate to wake you up (which guaranties you the attention of your surrounding spectators).

3. Being constantly distracted

Each show has its own rules regarding taking pictures or not during the performance. Still, there’s one thing performers can see very clear. When you’re facing down and your face is brightly illuminated standing out in the crowd, we know: you don’t take pictures with your smartphone, but can’t even do 90min without it.

Smartphone illuminated face audience dark light phone pop out obvious shadow stick out.jpg

4. Get yourself a room!

What’s more beautiful than being freshly in love? We have an answer to that: Enjoy your togetherness in private! Yes, sometimes you can’t keep one’s hands off each other. But a theater is definitely not the right place to descend on your significant other. To be honest: Why buy an expensive ticket for a show, when your head disappears in between your girlfriend’s legs? (True story!) 

A little message to the lovebirds: Gossip gets around very fast backstage. The entire cast had an easy time to spot you in the audience. After all, you still had the security standing right behind you & looking out for you ;-)

As you can see, Las Vegas is a pretty exciting place to work at & I'm sure there's a lot more to come. 


Until next time with some more stories from the show life in Sin City, 


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