Smoothie-Love: 5 Reasons to treat yourself with a self-made Smoothie

They taste amazing, are healthy & giving you that summer feeling. Smoothies! But why only buy them? Here are 5 good reasons, why you will want to make them yourself!

A strawberry-watermelon-smoothie for the perfect summer vibe!
A strawberry-watermelon-smoothie for the perfect summer vibe!

1. It won’t make you think of your next payday

Yes, I know – it’s so much more comfortable to pick from a big selection, place the order & stare into your phone while waiting. But if you make the math, you always end up paying less money, when you buy the fruits yourself and mix it. After all, you don’t have to pay yourself a salary for doing this. Means more money in your piggy bank.


2. You are a do-gooder along the way

If you buy your smoothie at the smoothie bar, most of the time it comes in a plastic cup (especially the to-go options). Now, hands up who of you is drinking from plastic cups at home? Kinda weird thought, isn’t it?

So for every smoothie you make at home, you safe a cup of plastic – just like that.


Cut the fruits, mix them - enjoy! A smoothie is definitely no biggie!
Cut the fruits, mix them - enjoy! A smoothie is definitely no biggie!


3. Extend your surf on the healthy wave

We all have those resolutions: eat healthier, exercise more, drink enough water, safe the world… But sometimes, habits are too much controlling our actions & our hand just wanders again & again into the cookie box. So it’s time to turn off the autopilot & do something new. Like mixing fruits and veggies. You will be surprised, how positive you’ll feel after. Why? Because you gave yourself something healthy, it tastes good & most of all: You did it yourself!

Only thing left to do: Grab that motivation & rock on the rest of your day, knowing that you totally got what it takes to turn down unhealthy treats.


4.The healthy origin


Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and antioxidants. And here’s the big pro if you make the smoothie yourself: YOU’re to one to get to pick them. Means you know were your food is from, if it’s organic or consider even buying from a farmers market, if you want to dig deeper & support your local farmers work. 


Recipe for a Strawberry-Watermelon-Smoothie


5. Why choose smoothie over juice?  

We all know it. You’re on point with your water intake, but there’s that one moment, were you need a little more taste in your drink. So why not going for a fresh-made juice instead? One thing a smoothie has, which a juice don’t, is the fiber. You keep the fruit as a whole. With all vitamins, all nutrients and, most important, the fiber, that prevents your blood sugar level to raise the roof. And some of you might know, it’s the big fall of the blood sugar after, that is responsible for the cravings. Conclusion: More part of fruits and veggies, less craving attacks.


Now, I'm curious which ones your favorite smoothie mix? Leave me a comment below & stay tuned for more tasty recipes + the reasons why trying them! 


Left to say: Enjoy your smoothie, you definitely deserve it! 

May 18th,  2017

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