The fair fashion myth you should NOT believe!

„The more I look into this subject, the more important it is to me, where the fashion I wear comes from.”

“Even though it’s 5x the price then?”

Wait a second,…

Baumwolle Fair Fashion Nachhaltig Vegan Mode


In our heads it sounds so very logic: Is the piece of fashion fair & the wage adequate, it adds up to the price we pay.


Sure, we all take a look, where our money goes to. But the comparison lags. Because there’s one important part we lose sight of: Not every expensive brand pays there employee better. There, the costly price only supports the revenue of the corporation and nothing else.


The good news: Many fair fashion brands offer their products already to a competitive price. That is how I recently got surprised by the company ETHLETIC. I scroll on my Instagram timeline, see a picture of fancy sneakers & as I look more closely, I realize: “Oh, that aren’t even Converse”. It gets even better. A few clicks on their homepage & I learn, Ethletic doesn’t only produce fair, but also vegan & sustainable!


Schuhe Ethletic Fair Sustainable Vegan Sneakers Convers Trainer.JPG
Ethletic or Converse? For us no real difference, but the standards are worlds apart.


“What!? The buzzword ‘vegan’ is now also used for shows?”.

So I got asked critically by my friends. Yes, I have to admit, one surely does get the impression ‘vegan’ sticks on everything & everywhere. But honestly? If I can choose between shoes, that are in the same price range & are produced with, respectively without animal ingredients – then of course I’ll decide for the vegan alternative, especially, if this has zero restrictions on me wearing the shoe, right!?  


And yes, you read it right. The shoes from ETHLETIC are definitely in the same price range (and even cheaper), than the ones from Converse – only the latter only don’t have the same ethical standards.


Fari Natürlich Nachhaltig Vegan Mode Kinderarbeit Lohn


So why buy fair?

Fair fashion is a growing trend. With each purchase we issue a statement. If we buy fair, we signalize , that we “want more” of it. More fair, more sustainable, more adequate wages. It’s at the check-out that we give faire companies the support to grow. And to adapt their offer even better to our needs. But at the end of the day, it simply feels better to know, that the clothes I wear did not only do any harm somewhere else, but also helped to make things better.



You probably can already read it between the lines. The brand Ethletics absolutely thrilled me. And that’s why my next post will be my very first fashion post, where I’ll introduce some of my favorite models to you!


Talk soon,

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August 9th, 2017

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