Who am I?

Las Vegas - Februar 2017
Las Vegas - Februar 2017

I welcome you very warm to my website. "I" is in that case Nadine. I am 26- and because there's a lot to live in 26 years, I sometimes don't know where to start, wenn it comes to introducing myself. But I'll give it a try. 


I write this lines right now from Las Vegas, USA. How it comes, that I  made it all the way here from Vienna is (especially in the beginning) the topic of my blog posts. But because the blog is still about to grow, here a few words about it. 


Las Vegas

In September 2016 I started my dream job, working as a performer/ artist (friends lovingly sometimes call me clown) in one of the biggest shows in Las Vegas. This means, I'm on stage 5 nights per week, performing for up to 1600 spectators. The Show is called "Le R√™ve - The Dream",¬†staged in the¬†Wynn Hotel Las Vegas¬†and has been voted best show in town 5 years running. Kind of a big deal as I think! (But well, I better should... after all it's my dream jobūüėČ).¬†


High-performance athlete

It's rather unlikely to get a job like this by sheer chance. The show is a water show, with highly impressive effects and talented cast. I've been a high-performance athlete myself until 2015. I represented the Austrian national team in synchronized swimming at the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing and 2012 in London, at each 5 European and World Championships and spent a lot of time in the water in general.  From time to time I wonder if my fingers get webbed. Although I'd prefer gills. 



Through the many competitions and training camps, I was getting around quite a lot. So far, I've travelled to 41 countries of this beautiful world. My experiences with city trips, travel and jet lags are some more topics  I want to share on this blog - and thereby help you out with the one or other tip, to get the most out of your holidays. 

And because Las Vegas is going to be my hometown over the next couple of years, I'm eager to discover the best places over here to show you, that there's more to enjoy than casino and parties. 



Story aside:

I experiences it myself quite a couple of times before my departure - and after a few month of living here, I'm quite certain: Only rarely you will find a citizen, who hasn't been asked the question yet: "Oh, so you live in Las Vegas! Do you live in a hotel then?"

The city is indeed... just a normal city! ¬†Okay, maybe with a little more weekend-tourists than in other placesūüėĚ. ¬†


Each year there's more than 42 Mio. people arriving. To set that into relation with the place where I come from: If the tourists were Austrians only, each of them would travel 5x a year to Vegas. 





Along the career and in whatever way - but finally successfully, I studied at the University of Vienna. Since 2015 I am Bakkalaurea of publicity and communication science. So I am actually familiar with the problem, not to remember the learning matter after exams or even the beginning of a sentence when coming to the end of it. But one thing I did learn - and I'm glad it somehow sticked - is how a good research works and to pay attention to credible sources. So you can be sure: I'm definitely gonna throw myself into for the blog posts and research topics carefully. 


Do you have anymore questions? I've so, you're welcome to contact me here or through Instagram.  


I hope you'll have fun reading my blog, 








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